Onekey Wallet Review: Safe and Easy to Use Hardware Wallet

Onekey is a famous hardware wallet brand, open source and easy to use from day one. Onekey hardware wallet includes a screen and buttons to enable users to confirm transactions and view their account balances without exposing their private keys to potential hackers or malware.

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Onekey Pro Hardware Wallet Review

Equipped with four EAL 6+ certified Secure Elements, the OneKey Pro hardware wallet ensures unparalleled protection for users’ digital assets. Priced at $278, the OneKey Pro strikes a balance between advanced security features and accessibility.

  • Four certified EAL 6+ security chips take security to new level
  • Air-gapped signing with camera
  • Tap to unlock, with your fingerprint.

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OneKey Pro Hardware Wallet

Onekey Classic 1S Wallet Review

Classic 1S is the upgraded version of the popular OneKey Classic device, now secured with EAL 6+ Secure Elements.

With a focus on simplicity and security, the OneKey Classic 1S maintains the trusted reputation of the OneKey brand while providing users with peace of mind regarding the safety of their digital assets.

  • Supercharged by the EAL 6+ security chip
  • Offering the same familiar features as the original OneKey Classic

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OneKey Classic 1S Hardware Wallet

Onekey Mini Wallet Review

Onekey Mini is a compact and portable hardware wallet designed for the secure storage of cryptocurrencies.

The wallet is very secure requiring a passcode for physical access and only performs functions if you press the physical button, stopping hackers from taking control through a compromised pc.


  • Small size, only 1 inch wide, easy to carry.
  • Built-in security chip, resist from all magic attack
  • No battery, can be used for a long time
  • The price is very cheap: $59


  • It can only be connected to a computer to use, not support mobile phone
  • Some people report that the buttons is not easy to use

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OneKey Mini Hardware Wallet

Onekey Classic Hardware Wallet Review

Onekey Classic wallet is a larger and more traditional hardware wallet.

Onekey Classic hardware wallet features anti-tamper, supports 100% open source This crypto hardware wallet with complete suite of security features and dual security chips absolutely protect your asset security.


  • 3 mm thin, ultra light only 20.5g
  • Dual security chips, more security.
  • Equipped with battery and Bluetooth so you can DeFi in phone.


  • More expensive than Onekey Mini: $89
  • Battery get weak when used for a long time

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OneKey Classic Hardware Wallet

Onekey Touch Cold Wallet Review

Onekey Touch is a hardware wallet with all-new design, beautiful and true color display.

Safeguard your assets with OneKey’s independent security chip and dual-chip security architecture, keeping your digital currency in the safe environment.


  • 3.1 Inch OLED color touch screen, you can set the NFT as wallpaper
  • Dual security chips like Onekey Classic
  • Equipped with battery and Bluetooth so you can DeFi anywhere


  • Very expensive: $249
  • The standby time is not long

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OneKey Touch Hardware Wallet

Over the past few years, OneKey has been refining a unique set of tools and methods to solve users’ problems in managing encrypted assets, and make it no longer a hustle for both individual users and team users.