Onekey Card Invitation Code is: ZFEBXZ

Introducing OneKey Card, the ultimate solution for daily crypto expenditure. With OneKey Card, you can easily spend your crypto on popular payment platforms, like paying with Paypal, GPay, Alipay, and more.

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OneKey Card Invite Code

OneKey Card is now available for public testing. Try OneKey Card today and enjoy the convenience, security, and personalization of a global payment solution.

Invitation code required for authentication: ZFEBXZ

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Onekey Card Invitation Code

OneKey Card Latest Feature

Onekey Card Invitation Code is: ZFEBXZ

July 1 2024:We’ve upgraded OneKey Card for an even better experience. Starting July 1 at 12:00 AM, all old deposit addresses will be replaced with new ones.

May 6, 2024:USDC-Tron top-up and withdrawal services have been discontinued. Please don’t send USDC to any former Tron addresses.

OneKey Card 2023 Update

August 9, 2023: Enhanced Security Settings

You can easily modify your Google Authenticator and mobile verification on the Security page.

July 28, 2023: Transfer to Friends

You can now directly transfer USD from your wallet to your friends, simplifying the payment process.

In addition, in the “More” action of the Card Workspace and on the Add Card page, you can more conveniently view and understand the information and use of the card.

July 18, 2023: Wallet Enhancements

Onekey Card introduced a new wallet feature, allowing you to manage your top-ups and withdrawals with greater ease.

Experience fast responses for card creation, swap, and more. With the added convenience of a single tap to freeze and delete cards, enjoy a smoother, more efficient new experience with OneKey Card.

June 14, 2023: US Selected Card

OneKey Card now supports the US Selected Card. With this new feature, you can now make payments for ChatGPT/OpenAI, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular services.

Adding the Selected Card is simple. just click on the top left corner of the page, select “Add Card,” and choose “Selected Card.”

June 9, 2023: Withdrawals

Now you can withdraw Onekey Card balance as USDC to your crypto address, with a 1% handling fee. After withdrawal, the card needs to reserve at least $1 to remain active.

May 30, 2023: USDT Support Added

You can now top up your card using USDT on Tron, Polygon, Avalanche C-Chain, and Ethereum chains. Additionally, Onekey have enhanced our card details by including information on the country, type, and use cases, allowing you to easily select and add the desired card.

More Onekey Card features are currently in development, Stay tuned.