Ledger Discount and Promo Code in 2023: Get 30% Off and Free Shipping

Ledger hardware wallet is a physical device that provides a secure way to store and manage cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. It stores your private keys offline, making it less vulnerable to hacking or cyber attacks than online wallets.

Official Website: https://www.ledger.com/

Get up to $50 of BTC this halving

Get $50 Of BTC With Your Brand New Ledger Device. Secure your crypto and Secret Recovery Phrasewith the Ledger device that is right for you.

The halving is a Bitcoin network event where the mining block reward, aka the coinbase transaction, is slashed in half. Occuring every 210,000 blocks, or once every 4 years to help apply pressure against inflation, the milestone event is happening again this May.

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  • Ledger Nano X + $30 of BTC
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  • CryptoTag + $10 of BTC

20% Discount on Ledger Nano Ruby Red

A crypto gift they’ll want, with the security they need.

Spread the joy with a Ledger device this Christmas. Get a Ledger device in Ruby Red: Ledger Nano S Plus or Ledger Nano X or the Ledger Nano Duo and save 20%. This incredible offer available until Dec 23rd or while supplies last.

  • Ledger Nano S Plus: $79.00 $63.20
  • Ledger Nano X: $149 $119.20
  • Ledger Nano Duo (Nano S Plus and Nano X combo pack): $228 $182.40

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Get Ledger Nano devices in Ruby Red at 20% off

Choose the right Ledger Hardware wallet and join our 6 million+ secured customers.

Nano S Plus Bitcoin Orange 30% Off

Until the end of the month, your could get a Ledger Nano S Plus in Bitcoin Orange at 30% off.

For every purchase, Ledger will donate $5 to brink.dev — a nonprofit that fosters the ongoing innovation on Bitcoin. What does bitcoinbrink do?It funds grants for Bitcoin Core Developers to develop and maintain the code base – ie. keeping the bitcoin network healthy.

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Ledger Nano s Plus Shipped for free

Ledger is excited to announce a new offer: free shipping for any purchase, no discount code need, including a Ledger Nano S Plus or a Ledger Nano X on ledger.com, available to customers worldwide.

Save 30% with GONESOON Ledger coupon code at checkout.

From Sept 26th to Oct 3rd, Ledger is offering free shipping to anyone doing a purchase including either a Ledger Nano S Plus or a Ledger Nano X on wherever you are in the world.

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Ledger Free Ship Promo

30% on all Ledger Nano Colors

Ledger Nano 30% Discount Code: COLOR30

Uncompromising security comes in color. Ledger is pleased to announce that the Nano S Plus and Nano X are now available in a wide range of colors. So you can protect your assets in style with the Ledger that suits you best.

Once these colors are gone, they’re gone, and new colors will be taking their place. Enter Ledger coupon code at checkout. 30% on a Ledger Nano S Plus or X in color until June 20th!

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Ledger Coupon Color

Ledger Free Shipping Offer

Secure your crypto with 20% Ledger promo code: NYKNYC

As the market shifts and the need for self-custody becomes more and more apparent, we’re offering a rare discount code for our Nanos – so you can take full control of your keys and your crypto.

This discount vailable for the Nano X and the Nano S Plus. Valid from today to June 16th.

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With a Ledger hardware wallet, you can safely manage multiple cryptocurrencies in one place, view your account balances, and send and receive funds with ease.

Tha’s all available Ledger promo codes in 2023, If there are new Ledger offers, I will update this post.