Polyhedra Network Airdrop: Check and Claim ZK Tokens

At Polyhedra Network, our goal is to accelerate the adoption of Web3 by dismantling the barriers imposed by traditional computing power limitations. Imagine a world where all your innovative ideas can easily become reality. 

Polyhedra Airdrop Eligibility

Who are eligible for ZK (Polyhedra) tokens?

zkBridge Transactions: Addresses that exhibit suspicious or unusual behavior, such as those suspected of Sybil attacks, will receive 0 rewards for zkBridge transactions. All airdrop decisions are made by Polyhedra in its sole discretion and are final. All rights are reserved.

Pandra King Holders:  Rewards for holding Pandra King can accumulate for each Pandra King in your possession at the time of the snapshot.

zkBridge Loyalty Points

Claim ZK Tokens

Polyhedra Network will be governed by its community members via ZK.

ZK is Polyhedra Network’s native token. Polyhedra airdrop page is up. Claiming starts: 9:00 AM UTC March 19th, 2024, ends: 9:00 AM UTC April 19th, 2024.

Claim Now: https://polyhedra.foundation/airdrop

This site is provided for informational purposes only and does not guarantee anyone a right to participate in or receive rewards from the Polyhedra Airdrop Program.

Polyhedra Airdrop Update

Dear Polyhedrans:

We’ve been carefully reviewing the community feedback received in response to the recent airdrop. As we are committed to listening and responding to our loyal community members, we are presenting the following solutions:

For those eligible to claim an airdrop of 20 ZK or less, you have two options:

  1. Wait for one month and receive your airdrop allocation on a new chain with lower gas fees. As a bonus, you will receive an additional 10% ZK, based on the quantity of tokens you are set to claim.
  2. Opt to claim the airdrop on Ethereum immediately, with the deadline set for April 19th, 9:00 UTC. After one month, you will receive an additional 10% ZK on the new chain, based on the quantity of tokens you have claimed.

If you have already claimed an airdrop of 20 ZK or less:

  1. You will receive an additional 10% ZK as bonus on the new chain after one month, based on the quantity of tokens you have claimed.

Please be aware that a one-month delay is unavoidable before ZK activation on the new chain. The airdrop allocations are currently locked and will only be unlocked after this one-month period.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Best regards,

The Polyhedra Network Community Team