Keystone Hardware Wallet Promotion: enjoy 25% discount on Keystone 3 Pro

Unlike software wallets that store keys on a computer or mobile phone, Keystone hardware wallet isolate the private keys from internet-connected devices and provide an extra layer of security against hacking. In this article, SV Coupon will give your guys some promotion info about Keystone Wallet.

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Keystone Wallet New Year Deals

15 years ago, a visionary mined the first Bitcoin block. Now KeyStone is celebrating Bitcoin birthday by offering a dazzling 22% off on Keystone 3 Pro hardware wallet.

Embrace 2024 with open arms and fresh energy. Say hello to a safer future.

Ready to elevate your self-custody game, Say goodbye to your old hardware wallet and hello to a world of possibilities with the Keystone 3 Pro. Kick-off 2024 with a 25% off a deal as bright as your future.

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Keystone Wallet 25% Discount

Keystone Cold Wallet Pre-orders Discount

Keystone is approaching the third week of Pre-Sale. Start securing your crypto assets with the Keystone 3 Pro. Stay safeguard yourself against cyber threats and unexpected events.

Their team is working to replenish inventory and offering a 20% off on all pre-orders.

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Keystone Hardware Wallet Discount

Keystone Existing Users Offers

KeyStone team is going to offer discounts for existing Keystone owners:

  • 40% off for users who received their Keystone before May 31, 2023
  • 50% off for users who received Keystone after June 1, 2023

Email to “” with the following information: Purchase details and order number, Keystone serial number, Email used to place order, better if you use the same email when contacting us.

Keystone Bitcoin 2023 Conference Discount

The Miami Beach Bitcoin 2023 conference is around the corner.

In honor of the occasion, enjoy a LIMITED-TIME 23% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING in our online store. Start fortifying your Bitcoin today. Backdoors not included

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Keystone Special Offer for Ledger users

Keystone have got a special offer just for Ledger users:

Enjoy a 28% discount when purchasing the Keystone 3 Pro. Purchase three or more items, and you’ll receive an even bigger saving with a 30% discount.

Shoot an email at “” along with a screenshot of your latest Ledger purchase order.

A Keystone hardware wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that stores private keys on a secure, tamper-proof device. They are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those without technical expertise in blockchain technology.