HostHatch Promo Codes: NVMe VPS with 10Gbps Bandwidth $22/year

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HostHatch US, EU and APAC Deals

HostHatch have made huge upgrades in APAC, as well as some of other locations. They’ve added new transits in most locations, namely CDN77/Datapacket, who are known for their great network. This means they can offer much higher bandwidth limits than ever before in APAC due to our increasingly large network.

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1.5X RAM, storage, and double bandwidth for 2 year payments. The following products are part of an ongoing sales campaign and will only be available for a limited time and as long as the stock lasts.

CPURAMNVMeBandwidthPriceOrder Link
1 Core2GB25G1TB$25/year Order Link
2 Core4GB50G2.5TB$40/year Order Link
3 Core8GB100G5TB$75/year Order Link
4 Core16GB200G10TB$145/year Order Link

Available area: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore. Stockholm, Chicago, New York and London.

HostHatch APAC, New York and Amsterdam Sale

HostHatch have recently made some huge improvements across APAC locations, including adding a new transit partner and increasing our network performance significantly. They also recently moved to INAP New York, with purely INAP bandwidth – the best bandwidth mix available in the US.

To celebrate this, the following special Hosthatch coupon is available. Doubled RAM, doubled storage and bandwidth for three year payments

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CPURAMNVMeBandwidthPriceOrder Link
1 Core2GB15G500G/mo$22/year Order Link
2 Core4GB30G1TB/mo$35/year Order Link
3 Core8GB60G2TB/mo$70/year Order Link
4 Core16GB100G4TB/mo$125/year Order Link

Available location: Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. New York, as well as Amsterdam.