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with a Ledger Nano S Plus in vibrant Orange at 30% off.

Ledger Nano S Plus in vibrant Orange at 30% off.

The Orange Way Forward. Until the end of the month, your could get a Ledger Nano S Plus in Bitcoin Orange at 30% off.

For every purchase, Ledger will donate $5 to — a nonprofit that fosters the ongoing innovation on Bitcoin. What does bitcoinbrink do? It funds grants for Bitcoin Core Developers to develop and maintain the code base – ie. keeping the bitcoin network healthy.

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3 reasons to get your Ledger Nano

6000000 crypto users trust Ledger devices to secure their assets, 0 Ledger Nanos have never been hacked since they were launched, 4 Stunning new colors are available for your Ledger Nano.

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Secure: Your digital assets with our perfect entry-level hardware wallet.

Save: 30% off the price of your new Ledger.

Support: Bitcoin’s development, thanks to the nonprofit.