MarginNote Coupon: 15% Off For Mac Lifetime Edition

MarginNote is a brand new e-reader to better study and digest your books. Integrating powerful tools for book annoation, mindmapping, flashcards and more, to build up your reading notes as never before.

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MarginNote 15% Off Coupon

You can get 15% off for MarginNote 3 for mac from Digital Lychee mall.

Digital Lychee (数码荔枝) was founded in 2014 and now is one fast-growing software distributor in China. They provide consumers with friendly local price, professional online support, and useful tutorials, and help developers’ products attract more attention and achieve sales growth.

How much does MarginNote cost? If you buy it in Mac App Store, It will cost $46.99. In Digital Lychee store, MarginNote 3 price is ¥279 Chinese Yuan, that is about $40 dollars.

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MarginNote Education Discount

The developers of MarginNote are pleased to offer an educational discount of MarginNote to students, faculty and staff members of institutions. Here is the application guide:

  1. Write an an email to with a legit university/school mail account.
  2. Email Title: Education Discount – MarginNote 3 for Mac
  3. Photo of Student/Teacher ID Card
  4. Provide a personal email address in case your edu email can’t receive incoming messages sent by us.

You will get 40% off edu code for mac MarginNote 3 edition, just $24 dollars.

Well, that’s all MarginNote for Mac promo codes for now. MarginNote 3 has a comprehensive upgrade which is featured with OCR, PDF editing, better annotating tools, video excerpts, etc.