HostDare Black Friday Promotion 2023 Update

1. HostDare Black Friday Coupon

As we approach the holiday season, HostDare want to express our gratitude for your continued trust in HostDare. To make this festive season even more special, we’re excited to unveil our exclusive Black Friday promotion on our VPS plans.

For a limited time, take advantage of HostDare Black Friday deals:

  • Get 30% Recurring Discount on CSSD/CKVM Plans with Coupon Code BF2023
  • Get 40% Recurring Discount on QSSD/QKVM Plans with Coupon Code 3P1P38DXQB

2. HostDare VPS Plan List

CSSD Plan List

CPURAMNVMeBandwidthPortRegular PriceOrder
1 Core512M10G250G30Mbps$35/yearOrder Link
1 Core1G25G600G50Mbps$55/yearOrder Link
2 Core2G50G1000G60Mbps$85/yearOrder Link
3 Core4G100G1500G80Mbps$240/yearOrder Link
4 Core8G200G2500G100Mbps$660/yearOrder Link
5 Core16G400G3500G100Mbps$1140/yearOrder Link

CKVM Plan List

CPURAMHDDBandwidthPortRegular PriceOrder
1 Core756M35G600G50Mbps$49/yearOrder Link
2 Cores1.5G75G1000G60Mbps$76/yearOrder Link
3 Cores4G150G1500G80Mbps$224/yearOrder Link
4 Cores8G300G2500G100Mbps$551/yearOrder Link
5 Cores16G600G3500G100Mbps$1031/yearOrder Link

QSSD Plan List

CPURAMNVMeBandwidthPortRegular PriceOrder
1 Core512M10G250G30Mbps$30/year Order Link
1 Core1G25G600G50Mbps$49/yearOrder Link
2 Cores2G50G1000G60Mbps$65/yearOrder Link
3 Cores4G100G1500G80Mbps$180/yearOrder Link
4 Cores8G200G2500G100Mbps$450/yearOrder Link
5 Cores16G400G3500G100Mbps$898/yearOrder Link
6 Cores32G800G5500G100Mbps$1110/yearOrder Link

QKVM Plan List

CPURAMHDDBandwidthPortRegular PriceOrder
1 Core756M35G600G50Mbps$39/yearOrder Link
2 Cores1.5G75G100G60Mbps$59/yearOrder Link
3 Cores4G150G1500G80Mbps$109/yearOrder Link
4 Cores8G300G2500G100Mbps$209/yearOrder Link
5 Cores16G600G3500G100Mbps$409/yearOrder Link

3.HostDare Pre-Black Friday Deals

Excitement is building, and Hostdare couldn’t wait to share a special sneak peek with you. We’re thrilled to offer you an early access to HostDare Pre-Black Friday Deals on VPS Hosting.

Get a head start on the savings with these exclusive pre-Black Friday deals: 10% off on our Black Friday NVMe KVM VPS Plans, Use promo code: PREBF2023 during checkout to unlock 10% extra discount on exclusive Black Friday offers.

Explore our VPS hosting plans and pick the one that suits your needs.

1 Core768M15G1000G30Mbps$10/yearOrder Link
1 Core1G20G2000G50Mbps$14/yearOrder Link
2 Core2G30G3000G60Mbps$24/yearOrder Link
2 Core3G50G4000G80Mbps$34/yearOrder Link
3 Core4G70G6000G100Mbps$44/yearOrder Link
4 Core5G90G8000G100Mbps$59/yearOrder Link