Ledger Hardware Wallet Free Shipping Offer and Coupon

Free Shipping on Ledger.com

Applies to all Ledger Nano orders and any items you buy in the same order.

Ledger Free Ship Promo

Ledger is excited to announce a new offer: free shipping for any purchase, no discount code need, including a Ledger Nano S Plus or a Ledger Nano X, available to customers worldwide.

From Sept 26th to Oct 3rd, Ledger is offering free shipping to anyone doing a purchase including either a Ledger Nano S Plus or a Ledger Nano X on wherever you are in the world.

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Crypto’s better with Ledger

You’re in control: Read, understand, and sign your transactions with ease.

Do everything you need: Buy, send, receive, stake, and manage crypto and NFTs with the Ledger Live app.

Get best-in-class security: Millions of people own Ledger Nanos. None of them have been hacked.

6 million customers have trusted us with their digital assets. What are you waiting for?

Ledger Coupon Codes

Secure your crypto with 20% Ledger promo code: NYKNYC

As the market shifts and the need for self-custody becomes more and more apparent, we’re offering a rare discount code for our Nanos – so you can take full control of your keys and your crypto.

This discount vailable for the Nano X and the Nano S Plus. Valid from today to June 16th.

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Save 30% with GONESOON Ledger coupon code at checkout.

With a Ledger hardware wallet, you can safely manage multiple cryptocurrencies in one place, view your account balances, and send and receive funds with ease.

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