Save 10% On Ledger’s NEW Autonomous Security Bundle

All at a nice 10% saving

The Privacy Protection Pack: a Ledger Nano X and Billfodl bundle

Ledger Discount Nano X and Billfold

Peace of mind now, Security for life.

Boost your crypto confidence. Secure and manage your digital assets with unparalleled ease, and protect your Secret Recovery Phrase from flood and fire.

=> Get Ledger Privacy Protection Pack

How does the Billfodl Work?

Replace your paper 24-word recovery sheet with steel.

Step 1: Spell out your Secret Recovery Phrase by sliding the tiles, one by one, into the slats.

Step 2: You can store up to 96 characters – an entire 24 word Secret Recovery Phrase in one Ledger Billfodl.

Step 3: Store in a safe place for fireproof and waterproof offline backup.

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